Promote Healing While Relieving Pain

Promote Healing As You Relieve Pain

Newly Imported from Canada: Revolutionary Topical Pain Relief Remedy

Eases pain, improves movement, and is highly effective

Safe, Fast Acting, Natural Topical Cream
Long Term Relief…Heals as it Relieves Symptoms

We are so confident in our product that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Used by athletes, seniors and in professional clinical settings for over 10 years Now Exclusively Available in the US

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Motion and Pain

Movement and pain are linked in the body. That is why you shake or rub your hand after banging it against something hard. For a pain cream to provide maximum relief, it needs to work on both; motion and pain. This is what makes Motion Medicine special. It promotes improved ranges of motion while it relieves pain. 100% Guaranteed.

Some Indications For Use
  • Knee pain: Great for arthritic knees, patellar femoral syndrome and/or iliotibial band pain. Helps joint and knee cap pain. Works very well for night time knee pain and allows for more normal sleep.
  • Back pain: Relaxes muscles and permits improved movement and pain relief. Terrific at first signs of back pain to relieve symptoms BEFORE they become severe.
  • Muscle aches, Overwork: Apply after muscle strain and then before bedtime. Wake up feeling way better than you thought possible. Improves recovery after strenuous exercise.
  • Neck/shoulder pain: Similar to back pain, muscle relaxation allows for improved movement and pain relief. Works extremely well for upper back muscle tightness and trigger knots between the shoulder blades.
Why Motion Medicine TM Is Different

The availability of Motion Medicine™ began in the US when Dr. Howard Dananberg, a renowned podiatrist who lectures around the world on gait mechanics and chronic postural pain was giving a keynote address in Ottawa, Canada. Being a natural skeptic, pain creams seemed to be all hype and of limited value. But when he was introduced to Motion Medicine™, he was so impressed at the pain relief and improvement he and his patients experienced, that he realized that this was different. So different, in fact, he has staked his reputation on it, and is now the importer of this product to the US. We offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose by trying it for yourself.